One of patience’s families came to ask about pascastroke rehabilitation. They really don’t know what to do since the doctor didn’t give enough explanation. Sometimes it’s very difficult to build “patience-doctor relationship” in a way that we need because of inadequate time to interact.

Stroke rehabilitation was not suddenly over after the patience came out from the hospital. Since the objective of rehabilitation is to recover self sufficiency or to minimize dependency, which more often could be successful only in a long term therapy, the patience should start the therapy right after their condition permitted by the doctor’s team. Therapy it self is not just the one that conducts with a professional practitioner like physiotherapist, but also should be done at home, surrounded with things and people that care and give so much attention and spirit for the on going improvement.

If you need a good reference about stroke rehabilitation, you can read dr. Valery Feigin, Ph.D.’s book “STROKE”, in Indonesia was published by BIP from Gramedia, 2006.You can find so much information, includes pictures and step by step methods of therapy to help patience improve their ability and minimize dependency.
Or you can also have some more information about dealing with stroke patience, at Find some friend to talk about, and to share some problems. Always ask your doctor or your therapist every time you meet any difficulties. Remember, we are dealing with person who was normal before the stroke attack, so be patience!


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