Continuing with pascastroke treatment on the last post “PASCASTROKE, LEARNING WHAT TO DO”, here is some major thing to be concerned.

  • There’s always a time for the patient to deal with some kind of desperation, after the lost of self independency due to the stroke attack. 
  • There’s also a time that the patient will deny their incapability, and try so hard to show that they are normally independent.
  • When we’re dealing with patient with unstable mood, all we have to do is be tolerance. Don’t let any emotional feelings come out of the blue and mess up the point. Just let the patient communicate what is on their mind rather than having a conflict. Remember, they’re the one who suffer a lot than we are.
    angry old man
  • Always stick to the doctor’s instruction; any argument with the patient must not lead into a conflict and rather be discussed together with the paramedic’s team. If there’s a chance to have a continuous communication with the paramedic’s team, don’t halt every single information about the patient’s progress. It will be much better if the patient themselves could consult with the doctor and share what’s on their mind and feeling.
  • Remember that being a patient doesn’t mean loosing their privilege to make any decision, especially decision about how they want themselves to be treated. Respect their decision by supporting what they might need, and how they might want us to do. Positive encouragement always leads to mood improvement.

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