All that composed our body to stay in a good shape is always in a balanced condition. Balanced condition is required in homeostatic system, metabolism, and immune system.

Somebody had asked about herbal medicine’s side effect to human body, since he had suffered once. While we had some consultation, it was obviously happened because he got overdose while consuming the herbs.

Relying on the confirmation that herbal medicines could give a very rare case of complication and side effect, he boosted the consumption, hoping for faster healing and recovery. What happened was the opposite. He tried to lower his cholesterol by taking Soya therapy but then turn to hyperuricemia at the lowest cholesterol grade he could achieve.

Remember, consuming anything in a very big portion will always give side effect to the body. The body system tried so hard to balance them and of course the body system will adapt the condition to keep it simple. Once the system is unbalance, the control will started to loose and let the body confused.
However there are major distinction between drugs overdose and herbs overdose. In drugs overdose, your time is limited into seconds, as the chemistry reacts more rapidly. But in herbs or herbal medicine, you have plenty of time till you realize you’re having a complication, and it can vanish as soon as you stop to consume, to as long as three days. So, be wise!


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