As a patient, we’re free to choose the healing method and process. What we find is comforting for us, is always giving the best progress in result.

But sometimes we just “generate” the idea of healing in our mind and it’s more than enough. The rest of it just full of positive suggestion to enhance the spirit of healing. Doctors could use placebo effect or another way of homeopathy.

The point is, the minute you’ve got diagnosed, you will need sometime off, to understand what’s going on. Take your time. Build some awareness of “what should I do next” instead of searching “what’s wrong with me” and the classic selfquestening “why me”.

After soothed, find the way you want yourself to be healed or to be treated. Of course everybody will give you mountains of suggestions, but all is up to you.

Do things you want to do and attach to it. All you need to do is show your commitment to your choice, and see what positive things will be brought to your remedy.

You can read this beautiful lifestory from Anne E Frahm, to fight cancer.


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